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We’re a passionate group of  entrepreneurs and engineers and through our groundbreaking products we will contribute towards a better tomorrow. 

The team has 60+ years of extensive technology experience in defining semiconductor products, developing, and integrating into end user applications.


To be able to Connect Everyone and Everything using Advance Antenna Systems at lowest cost of ownerships


  1. Achieve full ownership of critical components in Adaptive Antenna Systems

  2. Manufacture Adaptive Antenna Systems for modern applications in India

  3. Develop Advance Antenna Systems Defence applications

About Us: About Us

Amit Borundiya

We trust Amit with all of our business needs. Eager and curious, Amit  proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle.  

He is versatile technologist with strong business acumen and leadership experience in technology research, engineering, commercialization and P&L management in Europe, Asia, China and America geographies. His experience also includes establishing new businesses in India from scratch.

He authored and co-authored 4 publications and holds 3 patents.

Amit received his MS Degree from Ohio University and B.Tech from National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra


Dr. Solon Jose Spiegel

A veteran technologist and business person who is always looking for the next big challenge- Dr. Solon's belief about the Beamforming Technology has been pivotal in starting VASBEAM.

His technical areas of expertise include radio architecture, wireless transceivers and communication standards, analog and mixed-signal circuits, RFIC and microwave design and verification and, semiconductor device technologies.

He authored and co-authored over 40 publications in premium refereed journals and conferences and holds 5 patents.

He is a senior member of IEEE and currently serves as the chairman of IEEE - Israel solid-state society

Dr. Solon received his Ph.D. degree from the Technion, Israel and Executive MBA from the Federal  Institute of Technology at Lausanne.



Passionate about design and innovation, he is our go to man to give form to our ideas in Semiconductors.

Kumar boasts nearly two decade of experience in taping 10+ complex Analog and RF ICs .​ His expertises in handling all front and back-end design and verification steps involved in IC design cycle in addition he is well-versed with post-fab semiconductor development steps of IC packaging and Testing.

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About Us: Our Team
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