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Core IC Platform VAS7308X

VASBEAM had developed integrated Analog IC platform VAS7308X  a beam forming ASIC platform that addresses the market segment of phase array and antenna beamforming for radar and 5G wireless communication and satellite doamin. 
Vasbeam's chips are Suitable for wide frequency between 800 MHz and 18 GHz i.e. L,C,X, K and Ku Band applications This beamforming IC is developed for analog phased array applications or hybrid array architectures of digital beamforming with analog beamforming.
Vasbeam offers a complete solution from antenna to bits, including the data converters, frequency conversion, and analog beamforming IC, as well as the front-end module. The combined chipset allows Vasbeam to combine functionality and optimize the ICs and offer lowest cost of ownership for our customers.


Frequency Range L Band 0.5 - 3.2 GHz

The VAS7308L IC comprises of 4 independent single polarized 0.5 to 3.2 GHz transmitter and receiver channels specified to support multiple phase array and antenna beam forming applications. Each transmitter and receiver channel comprises of a high resolution 8-bit phase shifter using vector modulator architecture, offering very low RMS phase error even for the most stringent antenna beam forming applications. Furthermore, the 8-bit gain control unit enables the implementation of precision window functions.

VAS7308L can be used in various antenna system for Mobile service, Satellite navigation,  Telecommunications, Aircraft
surveillance applications.

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