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Director of DSP Algorithm Researcher


The candidate will be responsible for algorithm research and development for future communication and radar technologies and antenna beamforming algorithms. An important part of this research involves innovation in beamforming and wireless communication, implementing them on simulation and prototyping platforms, conducting experiments, and collecting and analyzing the data to support the engineering and development.

Required skills:

  • Lead research activities in DSP design and architecture and contribute to technical communities in the form of patents or papers.

  • Contribute to developing system models, leveraging state of art communication, antenna beamforming and satellite technologies, and formulating creative solutions.

  • Design and simulate DSP algorithms for satellite DSP architectures and antenna beamforming configurations.

  • Research and develop DSP algorithm specifications and create novel ideas to meet system requirements.

  • Run simulations to predict system performance metrics and validate with designers.

  • Explore and contribute towards challenging system modelling efforts in a cross-team setting.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to prototype and validate design towards optimal power and performance tradeoff in different stages of product development

  • Great communication skills and willing to collaborate as well as work independently to deliver quality designs

  • Identifies as a Team-player and is willing to contribute to a wide variety of projects.

Minimum requirements

  • MS or Ph.D (preferable) in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering with emphasis in signal processing

  • 10+ years with Communication System modeling and Digital Signal Processing algorithms development.

  • 5+ years of experience with communication DSP design, especially Equalizers, Phase Recovery schemes, Clock and Data Recovery and Forward Error Correction (FEC such as BCH, LDPC, RS).

  • 5+ years of experience in Coherent DSP Algorithms and Architecture design preferred.

  • Experience in Matlab OR C/C++ OR Python.

  • Knowledge of production processes to ensure quality and robustness

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