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SATCOM on the Move


People, Objects , People and Objects and Object and  Object are/will be interacting with each other. The divide between Physical Space and Digital Space  is diminishing at a breath-taking pace.

This has generated demand for communication anywhere at anytime, in commercial multi-media requirements and military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance communication requirements. The need to maintain persistent mobile communications regardless of location in the world has driven significant growth in Satellite Communications.

The present battlefield locations can be  remote and rugged, therefore, defence require vehicles with network connectivity. Moreover, depending on the mission, the vehicle, or platform, there is no one solution that fits all, so different payloads, bands, and ranges are required to provide the needed level of near real-time and tactically-relevant information.

This is where VASBEAM's versatile and flexible on-the-move space communication based on satellite links, is  critical layer. This is known as SATCOM On The Move (SOTM).


Mobile Satcom Active Electronically Scanned Arrays (AESA) Solutions

LEO orbits offers very high carrier to noise ratio to support high speed data rate satellite communications
Active electronically steered arrays (AESA) are probably the only option due to the fast satellite tracking requirements.
AESA with 1024 or more elements are required to assure a minimum carrier to noise ratio for GEO satellites.
Future applications using mobile satcom for defense and commercial segments are possible with VASBEAM's advance beamforming technologies.


•VASBEAM's beamforming ASICs at Ku-band and Ka-band motivate the implementation of AESA system required in SATCOM communications.

•Configurations of beamforming ASICs

  • Quad-core ICs

  • 8-core beamforming ICs

•The use of different configurations ICs in AESA for SATCOM depends on the strategy and topology of the antenna.

•Total ownership of components chain in AESA systems, mainly the beamforming ICs is fundamental to implement large AESA systems at the low cost for commercial and military mobile satcom.

VASBEAM's Vertically integration of semiconductor with system development enables the design and manufacturing of low-cost AESA solutions.

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